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Green Car, Green World

Green Car, Green World

Renzhi Liu

EAP2, Writer’s Workshop
April 29, 2008

The topic of this paper is how to let American use green car. It argues that people should use green car to help our world. There are four reasons for this argument. The first is that green car can help environment, and the second one is that we need let use the green car be law. The third one is you can save more resource for our future. The last one is the services are not good enough.

Argument Essay
Green car, Green world
I became interested in green cars after I studied about how we have to help our environment. The green car is “considered to be more environmentally friendly than traditional all-petroleum internal combustion engine vehicles” (Wikipedia). Basically we can say it can save more gas and have less air pollution. Weight has been increasing by about 1.5% per year (Carmakers face obesity challenge, 2007). So we will face greenhouse gas, and the temperature will go up and up. We will spend a lot of money to buy gas. Now people have found the gas price has been going up and still is very high; now a lot of people have begun to think if the price still goes up they will sell the car, because they do not have enough money to buy gas for cars (Gas prices straining budgets, 2008). With green cars everything is good, but we still face a big problem which is that Americans still do not buy it. “Most American consumers are pocketbook activists. They are desperate for fuel efficiency only when gasoline price rise” (Green, the Color of Survival, 2006). Now the world needs green cars and this would help the world. Although now green car is very good and important, in fact few people can use it, and it is not very popular.

The first reason we go buy cars because it will be easy when we have to go somewhere, it can save our time. But when you use a car you only can help people, not help our world’s environment. In “cars, trucks and air pollution” the author told us, “Transportation is the largest single source of air pollution in the United States. It causes over half of the carbon monoxide, over a third of the nitrogen oxides, and almost a quarter of the hydrocarbons in our atmosphere in 2006.” So now you cannot tell your children our sky is blue, because of pollution from cars. And the author said that in our sky we have particulate matter, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hazardous air pollutants, and greenhouse gases. Do you know something about these? I can tell you more about these pollutions. The particulate matter can penetrate deep into lungs, and sulfur dioxide in low level can irritate the respiratory system, so you will always cough and choke; do you think these are ok? And the important one is greenhouse gases. It can make world temperature goes up, a little higher will change a lot of our world; we will lose more land for people, lose a lot of animals and lose ourselves. We can not care right now, but our future will be like the movie “The day after tomorrow”; we lose our future. But green cars just cost you a little, and have no or less air pollution, so why don’t a lot of Americans save this money and lose their future? Americans want to save money to have not green cars to spend more money on health centers and always to worry about their tomorrow; what will happen? So now Americans remember that going green will cost more money but in the future they will remember that save a lot and get more back. This is one of the reasons we need green cars.

The second way let American buy green cars is like let nonsmoker in restaurant, use the law’s power. “Effective January 1, 2008, the Smoke-free Illinois Act prohibits smoking in virtually all public places and workplaces, including offices, theaters, museums, libraries, educational institutions, schools, commercial establishments, enclosed shopping centers and retail stores, restaurants, bars, private clubs and gaming facilities” (Smoke-free Illinois, Damon). So now we can smoke in public place, at the beginning of this law, a lot of smokers felt angry and hated this rule. But time can change everything, now everyone still follows this rule, nobody smokes in public places. We know the environment is very important for humans, but if government requires green cars in the same way, it requires smoke-free public places, maybe at the beginning a lot of people will be angry, but law always will be law, so later, people will think it will be ok, because of the environment and our future. And using green cars will become a law; this will make car companies build good green cars and price will goes down, so this will be good for citizens.

The last one is save our resources for future. In our world, resources are beginning to be less and less, so prices begin to go up. But oil is very important for every country, so every country’s government controls their country’s gas price. Americans use the most gas in the world, because they have a lot of cars. “Most American consumers are pocketbook activists. They are desperate for fuel efficiency only when gasoline prices rise. When those prices fall, they become horsepower recidivists, rapidly returning to their fuel-wasting ways by buying the biggest vehicles with the biggest engines, regardless of whether they actually need them ”(Brown, 2006). So Americans just follow the gas price; if prices change they will change. Price is very important; it decided your money, you speed more or less, but just follow the price, it will be more difficult for help our environment. For example, if you buy a green car costing $25,000, but the other car costs just $20,000, you will think $5000 is a lot, but sit down and think more, you can save more than $5000 in the future. So we need to let the gas price be raised, if it stays expensive, then people will think about using green cars, saving money and buying less gas. And government can use the money from gas to help setup and supply the green car. Then people will think this is killing two birds with one store; this is can save more money, and they will do it.

Opponents of using the green cars that green car have an important problem about the car service. In “Car Rental Green Guide: Pipe Dream” (2007) the author told us “No premium in Europe. In the US and Canada there is a premium of about $5 per day to cover operational costs of guaranteeing resolvable cars.” So this will let people buy green cars and after that the service is a big problem that nobody has solved however, nothing is perfection, and now this technology is developing very fast, and government tries to fix this problem, so we still need to use green cars to help our world.

It is very clear that American should use green cars. The pollution and save resource are big problems for humans. Therefore, we need a law requiring people to use green cars. Furthermore, government needs to have more service for green cars. The service is a problem. You can find gas stations everywhere, but you can’t, or it is difficult, to find a station for green cars. Government needs to have a lot of service before letting people go buy green cars. And when the price goes down, people will love to buy green cars.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wikipedia in daily life

According to Byers’ article, “Approximately 38 milion people visited the English language version of the site in December 2006. Wikipedia is also easy to find; it frequently appears at the top of many Google searches and access in completely free.” Wikipedia is very famous and a lot of people use it. “It is already the ninth most popular Web site in the US” (Jason, 2007). There is a lot of useful information on Wikipedia, so we should let more people use Wikipedia. More people need to use Wikipedia to get more information to help them.

The basic reason people need to use Wikipedia is that it is useful and powerful. Students need to write a lot of papers and most of them require a long time to think. At the end, they still do not have enough good idea to write this paper, so now it is time to use Wikipedia; they can get some information. “Seven per cent of all internet users now visit the site every day” (Nicole, 2008, para.13). Why do a lot of people use it? Because it has a lot of good information and it is very powerful, so a lot of people choose it. “Middlebury College, a prestigious liberal arts school in Vermont, recently announced that its history department had banned the citation of Wikipedia for history papers and exams” (Meredith, 2007). It told us again that Wikipedia is very useful.

It is very easy to use it, as a website for people to communicate and argue the points. People put their ideas online and other people read them and can argue whether it is right or not. People put their experience online to help other people. So we can make fewer mistakes. “Wikipedia is an encyclopedia compiled by the voluntary contributions of thousands of writers and editors. Anyone can write an article and post it to the Wikipedia; anyone else can come along later and edit the article. It is a kind of open, voluntary, work in progress. As such, it’s the most up-to-date encyclopedia you will find” (Teaching Jim, 2006, para.6). It is the website for everyone and it is very easy to use.

Now Wikipedia is very famous in the Internet world; “It is already the ninth most popular Web site in the USA” (Jason, 2007). Why can it be so famous in such a short time? Because you can find everything here, there is a free space for any knowledge and articles. You can do what you want, to post your information and get information. People always want to use famous things, like buy cloth you want to Tommy, so because it is famous, a lot of people use Wikipedia and make it stronger and stronger; you can study a lot of things from this Web site; it is not only useful and powerful, it already looks like a library and school for anyone who wants to study.

It is very clear that people need to use more Wikipedia. There is good information and knowledge that can help people a lot. Now a lot of people begin to use it. So now we need more Web sites like Wikipedia to help more people to study; this is an online school and free for everyone. People can take the information to study, so it is a 24 hour teacher and school near you. And we know the more the better, so giving more information is good for everyone.
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eating culture

In the world they are a lot of different eating cultures, and this culture is very interesting. In the USA, the famous food maybe is fast food like KFC and PizzaHut. And Americans want to be fast, so they eat food and need to save time, so fast food is very famous in the USA. Now China has a long history, so about eating culture, it has a long history too. In my country, we believe people think eating is the most important thing. And our food needs to be nice, so the cook needs more time. If you go to a restaurant, the service will look like it does in America, but you can see some restaurants which have a long history; the waiters’ clothes still look like old China’s clothes, and most of the food uses a traditional way to cook. So the food is very good. East, west, north and south have different kinds of food; they cook it using a different way. But Americans do not know this. This is two countries’ eating cultures. It has a lot of different things.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Now the technology is developing faster and faster. Internet is covering the whole world. So you can easily communication with your friends at any time and any place. Now we have a lot of new words, like blog. Everybody uses blogs all the time. Now it changed my life a lot. Before I came to the US, I always worried about my Chinese friends, because I thought it would be more expensive to call friends. But I found I am wrong when I came here. Using blog just requires the Internet, and then you can talk with your friends all the time. You can type what you want to say on your blog ‘wall’, and a couple later, they will answer me. Sometimes when I feel sad, I will write a diary. My friends will know what I am doing now and know whether I am ok. So these change me a lot, and I can communicate with my friends all the time, we will never forget each other. So Facebook and My Space is a bridge of communication with my friends and me.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cell phone ring problem

Now people use cell phone all the time, we can talk with people on the phone all of the time. But some places have too much noise, when people call us, we can not hear the phone ring, or some of places are very quite that the ring is too loud. So now we have one problem about the phone ring. Some times cell phone ring will make people very angry, like when you are in class, and suddenly your friend calls you about weekend plans; the ring is too loud. At that moment, your classmate and teacher will be very angry with you. Maybe you are on the way to your office, and it is very loud outside so you are worried about who will call you, you make the volume loud, but you forget turn off it when you arrive at the office. If your phone rings, a lot of people will be angry. Some cell phone’s rings are very loud, so in public places it will make people angry. We cannot control when your friends will call you, but we can control the phone ring volume, and give people a peaceful public place.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The green vehicles worldwide

In the article “Car rental green guide: Pipe dreams,” the author told us a lot of countries have green cars, but for rental it is very difficult, because green car is very expensive for rental companies, and there is no premium like insurance in Europe. Then, Dual-fuel hybrids a doters as well as those with lower emissions are now available in some countries, but not for all countries, so they need to make sure every country can use green cars. The last one is, in the world not everyone is embracing green concerns. The author told us the basic reason about the green car; we know it is very expensive, and rental companies still need business, they can’t pay a lot of money to buy green cars but get nothing back, so they still love cheap cars but not green cars. Now people begin to think about greening, and want to rental companies to have some green cars for customers. But rental companies just say we will have green cars for customers at ads, but not pay attention. In conclusion, the author said that we need more green cars and it will not be expensive, and for rental companies, they just talk about green car, but it is very difficult for them to have green cars.

It is very clear that for us to have more green cars is not realistically; if we just say we need rental companies to have green cars for customers it is not good; they don’t have a lot of money to change, and the service is not available for all countries and all places; we need change this, and the government needs to pay money to help them change to using the green cars, this is not only for them, this is for our future.

First, becoming green is very important in our daily lives; we recycle and plant trees, and now have some kind of green cars that can have high miles per gallon, people use rental cars to save more oil. These are very good for our earth but using green cars is not good idea for rental companies. Now a green car is very expensive and it has no premium in Europe. This is one of the reasons we need to change and make our car rental green guide not to be a pipe dreams.

Second, we know our green car mpg is infonaut, we should spell it out or use more words or uses different fuel. So they do not use gas. We can find gas stations everywhere, but where can we find station for a green car? Dual-fuel hybrids as well as those with lower emissions, are now available in some countries, but not for all of countries. In some countries they have this service, but not all countries have it. In European countries, you need a passport then you can easily to go to other counties, so green car service will be very difficult for them. If they let rental companies have green cars, they still need service for their cars, so this is a problem. Now we need to begin to pay attention about the service that can let more people use green cars and rental companies will not think this is a pipe dream for them.

The last one is that not everyone is embracing green concerns. Now green cars are new technology in the world; they change people’s traditional idea. The car doesn’t need only gas; it can use other things to keep the car running. But this new technology is very expensive for people and for car companies. They need to make sure enough people will buy green cars before they build the cars. But if few people use it, they may find the service has a big problem. Now it they are not pay attention at build green cars, and rental companies don’t want them because of less people will use it, so neither of them care about this; this the other reason to believe it is a pipe dream.

In conclusion, now it is very difficult to let rental companies use green car; before they said they waned use them, because of customers, but now they changed this, and nobody wants to pay more money to use green cars, and the service is very bad and difficult. Now we need to think more about our future, so we need to do something. Green car is good for us and for our future, we need to and make it cheaper and the service will be better than before; at that time green car for everyone will not be a pipe dream.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Not just work on Ad.

In Loder’s (2007) article “Not all ‘Greens’ are created equal in product marketing,” he told us a lot of companies because people think more about the environment. So now car company think more about this in their advertisements, but change nothing or very little in their cars. But it is a bad idea to just change claims on the packaging. They make big cars but they get smaller mpg, for example, some cars only get 20 or less than 20 mpg, but in advertisements just they show children stay with trees and show this as green. The author told us a basic reason; all people know oil will be less and less, so people are trying to find some cars can use less gas, but these car companies do find how to make cars cheap; they just say they have a good car for high mpg, but it is very expensive and not for everyone. In conclusion, the author states that a green brand doesn’t mean a green product; making better and greener cars is good for our future.

It is very clear that we need more greens car for people. If we use more green cars, not just talk in advertisements, it will save more of our money for gas, save resource for our future and make less pollution. The author have a lot of point for why we need really green, not only for advertisements.

First, not really green is not good for our world; we know a lot of cars needs a lot of gas and why? Because they think these kinds of cars look cool and safe. But it will have more pollution, we will have a lot of CO2, so this is very important for human; nobody wants to have more pollution in our world. This is one of the reasons we need to make car can be really green.
Second, we know the world’s population is growing very quickly; at the same time cars will be more and more. We know oil is less than before; a lot of American cars use more gas than other cars. That means we will spend a lot of money and resources on our cars. Other countries’ cars have very good mpg and have no pollution or less pollution. Their cars can say they are green, but Americans just change their advertisement to make children stay close to the tree and try to tell people this is really green. Now we need these companies to do more rally things and save our world, we needs save more resources for our children to use, we needs think more about how to use less oil but still be able to run more than before. So we need more real green for our world.

The last one is ozone. It is very important for animals to live in the world, but companies use compounds which have been banned for nearly 30 years, They still keep this, and cheat us; we already changed something in order to save ozone, but what we did was a very long time ago. Maybe do not care car companies can change a lot, but they just want to have a cheaper car that can save more gas and less So do some really things for people and for your world, and then we will find children stay with trees together and have more fun.

In conclusion, using more really green cars is good for our world; we need to change a lot of American car companies to do a lot of things like other countries’ cars; it can save more gas, and have less pollution. We only have one world, so we need to think more about the resources and the world. Now some companies have begun to try to save gas; they have some kind of effort to begin not using gas or using less gas for future. So we need really green cars, in our world, not just in advertisements.

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